Joshua vs. Miller: The War of Words

The boxers exchanged some really ugly words and insults

by Sededin Dedovic
Joshua vs. Miller: The War of Words
© Tom Dulat / Getty Images

The boxing world witnessed a fiery prelude to the upcoming December 23 event in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, as a media conference in London ignited a verbal clash between heavyweights Anthony Joshua and Jarrell Miller. Miller, known for his bold personality, wasted no time in provoking Joshua, declaring: "We all know for a fact that AJ doesn't want to fight Deontay.

As much as I don't like Deontay, I know he would put this guy in the grave. I'll make it easy for you - either fight Wilder and go to the grave or fight me and go to the hospital. Choose your poison." Joshua, ever the fierce competitor, responded with a stinging retort, silencing the room with his intensity.

"Shut up, don't start with me. You know I'll come and slap you. I see you brought your mom here too, she needs to pay her rent. Watch what you say or I'll slap you."

Joshua and Miller were supposed to fight in Madison Square Garden in 2019, but Miller failed a doping test

The heated exchange between the two fighters served as a stark reminder of their longstanding rivalry, stemming from a canceled bout in 2019 due to Miller's failed doping test.

Joshua's subsequent defeat to Andy Ruiz Jr. added fuel to the fire, leaving the boxing world eager for a resolution. As the media conference concluded, the unresolved tension between Joshua and Miller left an undeniable buzz in the air.

While Joshua will face Otto Wallin in the upcoming Riyadh event, Miller will take on Daniel Dubois. The anticipation for the December 23 event in Riyadh is palpable, and the verbal clash between Joshua and Miller has only served to heighten the excitement.

Boxing fans around the globe are eagerly awaiting the chance to witness the explosive encounters that promise to deliver a knockout night of action. It will be an interesting event that may determine the further career path for Anthony Joshua