Jarrell Miller has no respect for Dubois: He quit against Joyce, Usyk knocked him out

"Thank you Daniel Dubois for being an idiot and signing this contract, I'm going to beat you up," Miller said

by Sededin Dedovic
Jarrell Miller has no respect for Dubois: He quit against Joyce, Usyk knocked him out
© Tom Dulat / Getty Images

In the impending clash between Daniel Dubois and Jarrell Miller, scheduled for December 23rd in Saudi Arabia, the boxing world anticipates a riveting showdown. For Miller, this bout represents a significant stride forward, marking a pivotal moment in his post-suspension return to the ring.

The heavyweight spectacle, featuring a constellation of prominent names in the division, promises high-octane action. Miller's resurgence after a doping-related suspension has been commendable, securing victories in all three of his recent matches.

The impending faceoff with Dubois, a formidable challenger, adds a layer of complexity to Miller's journey. The seasoned pugilist acknowledges the challenge, expressing his anticipation for the event while employing colorful language at a recent press conference.

In characteristic Miller fashion, he minced no words, stating, "Thank you, Daniel Dubois, for being an idiot and signing this contract. I'll beat you up." Miller's confidence is palpable, as he dismissively characterizes Dubois, claiming to detect vulnerability.

Drawing on his New York roots, Miller asserts, "There's a saying we have in New York, and it's that I can smell a bitch in it. Once a bitch gets inside you, she never gets out.' ' The verbal jabs continue as Miller critiques Dubois' past performances against other heavyweight contenders.

He asserts that Dubois "quit against Joe Joyce" and suffered defeat against Usyk, emphasizing the difference in size and tenacity. Miller, known for his relentless fighting style, confidently predicts an outcome, stating, "I'm going to beat him up and send him into early retirement." The age difference, a notable ten years, adds another layer of intrigue to the matchup.

As Miller prepares to face a younger opponent, the question arises: will this age gap play a role in the dynamics of the ring? The narrative surrounding this bout extends beyond mere competition; it's a clash of generations, a test of skill, and a barometer of each fighter's resilience.

As the countdown to December 23rd begins, the anticipation builds, and the boxing community eagerly awaits the resolution of the Miller-Dubois saga in what promises to be a defining moment in the careers of both fighters.

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