Cormier denied being a candidate for the match against Tyson

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Cormier denied being a candidate for the match against Tyson

After the match he played ten days ago against Roy Jones, Mike Tyson confirmed that he will continue to train and that he will soon be ready for the next exhibition match within his return tour. At the moment, there are still no opponents, and this is a situation in which it opens up space for speculation.

The main contenders for the opponent are the heavyweights who performed at the time of Tyson’s “prime,” and with some of them, Mike then did one of the biggest matches in the category’s history. But there are also some names from MMA or even outside of martial arts, and among them, Daniel Cormier ranks very well.

Cormier was unaware that he was in any combinations for the match against Tyson until Ariel Helwani revealed it to him in the last episode of their “DC & Helwani” show on ESPN. The reaction to that realization was surprising.

"Are you serious? Who would put me in a boxing match against Mike Tyson and why?" Cormier asked first, to which Helwani showed him the betting offer he was reading on the phone. There is the main candidate for opponent Evander Holyfield, followed by Lennox Lewis, Riddick Bowe, and Shannon Briggs.

There is also Cormier offered with a quota of +1500, or 16.00 when we convert it into the exchange rate used in Europe. It is not known which bookmakers Helwani presented.

Cormier denies such a statement

After the reporter showed Cormier the offer on his phone screen, he asked him what he would do to be offered the match.

Cormier was surprised when a reporter told him that he was among the favorites and said that such a fight would never happen and that it would be hard for him because he was not used to the rules of boxing. "Fight Tyson? Of course, give me that match now!

I'm kidding, I wouldn't fight Mike Tyson. What are you talking about?" The former UFC welterweight and heavyweight champion said with a smile, adding a brief explanation of why his idea this match is not attractive: "I'm not scared.

I don't even know what the rules are. I had a fight four months ago. Who knows, I might have some 'flashbacks' so I started knocking Mike to the floor. No, it's not a match for me. I think he'll opponent to be James Toney, that match absolutely makes sense.

" Toney has not been offered at the bookmaker nor has his name been speculated about so far, but perhaps Cormier has some of his own sources.