Kubrat Pulev believes in victory against Anthony Joshua

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Kubrat Pulev believes in victory against Anthony Joshua

39-year-old Kubrat Pulev (28-1, 14 KOs) will enter Saturday's match against Anthony Joshua as a big outsider. This shouldn't come as a surprise if we know how much "bookmakers" appreciate him, but that doesn't mean that the Bulgarian boxer doesn't stand a chance.

We have seen surprises many times already, 18 months ago one of them just on the example of Joshua. However, no matter how good Pulev was, which is revealed by the fact that only Vladimir Klitschko defeated him in his career, his performances in the last matches lead to the conclusion that his performances are not so good lately.

However, he believes that the problem there was motivation, which is not the case with this match. He announced that boxing fans will be watching his best release this time around. "This time I will be a new Kubrat Pulev and this is not my last match.

I will win for all Bulgarians and become the first heavyweight champion from my homeland. I am full of energy, I feel strong and after this match, I will fight Tyson Fury ", as quoted by Boxing News 24. However, Pulev is not aware that in case of victory he will not be able to fight Fury, since Joshua has a clause in his contract that guarantees him a rematch in case of defeat.

Joshua did some tough preparations, which were longer than ever due to more date postponement. He had the opportunity to prepare for all the dangers his opponent could afford.

Pulev feels ready

"We'll see what it will be like, I know I'm ready for any version.

It doesn't really matter to me, the only thing that matters is what I will be like. When I'm good, I can beat him very easily. I'm energetic and very strong. I'm going to fulfill a dream." "That's why my brother and I are here.

His wish was to have sons who will be boxing champions and we are here now. He is watching us from above and I am sure he is happy," he explained his motivation. His two-year-younger brother Tervel plays in the lightweight category, has celebrated in all 15 professional matches, and is getting closer to attacking the world title.

Pulev believes that his advantage is that Joshua is already considering meeting Tyson Fury. It is automatically an additional motivation for him to disable that match. "That match will not happen because on Saturday I will be the winner.

We have seen a lot of mistakes Joshua makes and a lot of his bad sides. I think his bad side will be present in this match as well. I will use it. The most important thing is what I will do in the ring, what will be my strategy and the quality of boxing, "he said, adding: "I think the world needs a world champion like me. Good and brutal. And I'm the new world champion, my time is coming."