Riddick Bowe: "Tyson Should Never Fight Again, Should Retire"

Controversially winning on points, fans argue Ngannou deserved the victory

by Sededin Dedovic
Riddick Bowe: "Tyson Should Never Fight Again, Should Retire"
© James Chance / Getty Images

One of the contemporary boxing greats, Tyson Fury, found himself under a barrage of criticism following his recent bout against MMA sensation Francis Ngannou. The British heavyweight emerged victorious through a controversial points decision, igniting a storm of opinions across social media platforms.

Many boxing enthusiasts argued that Ngannou, who managed to knock Fury down during the match, was unjustly denied the win. Former heavyweight boxing world champion, Riddick Bowe, was particularly vocal in expressing his disappointment with Fury's performance.

Bowe suggested that Fury should consider retirement or refrain from stepping into the ring again. According to Bowe, facing an opponent with no prior boxing experience, like Ngannou, should have resulted in an early knockout for Fury.

Bowe went on record with Fight Hub TV, emphasizing his belief that even if he were in Tyson's shoes, retirement would be the wisest course of action. At 35 years old, Fury currently holds the WBC belt, and the boxing world eagerly anticipated a unification showdown between him and Oleksandr Usyk.

However, negotiations for this highly anticipated clash have hit an impasse. Interestingly, Fury opted not to face Anthony Joshua when the latter held all the belts except the WBC, raising eyebrows among fans and pundits alike.

The intensity of Fury's battle with Ngannou, where he clinched victory on points despite enduring a severe beating from the Cameroonian, forced him to postpone the much-anticipated bout with Usyk. This delay added fuel to the anticipation surrounding their clash, further intensifying the stakes for a unification title fight.

As Fury navigates the aftermath of the Ngannou bout, the boxing world remains divided on his performance and eagerly awaits the resolution of negotiations for the long-awaited clash with Usyk, which could potentially define this chapter of Fury's illustrious career.

Tyson Fury is not very responsive to calls for his performance against MMA fighter Ngannou, so fans thought that Fury was waiting for the dust and shame that he experienced to settle and then come forward.