Logan Paul reveals whether or not he has retired from boxing

Logan Paul will most likely discontinue boxing and focus more on fighting in the WWE.

by Aryan Lakhani
Logan Paul reveals whether or not he has retired from boxing
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Logan Paul always wanted to be an 'entertainer'; he undoubtedly fulfilled his role as an entertainer through boxing, wrestling, and YouTube. After updating his professional boxing record to 1-1, Logan Paul has decided to focus more on his career in WWE.

His fight against Dillon Danis may not have been entertaining to watch, but the trash-talking done to build up the event was surely a hit. Logan Paul totally outplayed Dillon Danis in all the rounds, but since Paul failed to secure a knockout win as he promised, many fans around the world were deeply disappointed.In fans' and boxing expert's opinions, KSI's performance was found to be worse as they expressed that it was a pain to watch the entire match.

On a brighter note, Logan Paul recently achieved a significant milestone in the world of WWE; he beat Rey Mysterio to claim the US championship belt. Paul now looks forward to defending it against other wrestlers.

Logan Paul on his boxing and WWE career

In a recent interview with Fox Business, Logan Paul shared his thoughts on continuing boxing and explained why he will be more active in the WWE.

"Yeah, I think I'm retired from boxing. I've done enough going fully undefeated at 25-0. I'm going to be a wrestler now. No more money in boxing, every company is going broke. Full-time wrestler," Logan said as quoted by fightful.com.

"Beat Rey Mysterio. Fair and square for the US Championship. It feels great. It was a dominant performance. Some frog splashes, some punches, it feels good." I have to defend this belt. There are going to be people coming after me.

Seth Rollins, LA Knight, Cody Rhodes. Whoever wants it, they can come get it. Mr. Bad Bunny. Whoever wants it can come get it. I have stuff to do in WWE".

Logan Paul