Demetrius Andrade slams down knockout threats from David Benavidez


Demetrius Andrade slams down knockout threats from David Benavidez
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One of the most exciting boxing matches is right around the corner! The clash between the undefeated. Demetrius Andrade vs David Benavidez is scheduled to take place on 25th November at the Michelob Ultra Arena Las Vegas. Benavidez confidently promised a knockout and in response, Andrade said it’s just “boxing talk”.

Benavidez has a professional boxing record of 27-0 (23 knockouts), and Andrade is slightly ahead with a record of 32-0 (19 knockouts). Andrade strongly believes in his abilities as a boxer, and in spite of the size difference between him and Benavidez, Andrade is super confident of extending his winning streak.

Demetrius Andrade on fighting David Benavidez

In a recent talk with the media, Demetrius Andrade spoke about the size difference between him and David Benavidez and explained how he will win regardless of anything. “He’s not the most athletic fighter out there, and I’m not the only one that can say that,” Andrade said as quoted by

“He’s an inch or two taller than me, but it’s not that much different People have this perception of him being a big guy. I’m also a big guy. Yeah, he puts on a lot of weight, but that could be in my favor.

Nobody over here is running away from this challenge, I’ve been trying to challenge the top people for a long time. I went to people’s press conferences. I got kicked out, I got kicked out, and I got kicked out.

Andrade further said: Nothing prevailed for me. No follow-up storyline from the reporters. It did its thing, and it died down because they’re shutting down. You can’t even mention by name to some of these fighters because reporters will get shut down, and they can’t do their reporting.

I understand it’s a business for reporters, too. They’ve got YouTube channels. They want to get paid. They got ads. I’ve got the skills and the ability to beat anybody they put in front of me”.