Eddie Hearn surprised many regarding Anthony Joshua's coach


Eddie Hearn surprised many regarding Anthony Joshua's coach
Eddie Hearn surprised many regarding Anthony Joshua's coach © Lars Baron/Getty Images

Ben Davison, who coached Fury in his initial five post-comeback boxing matches in 2018, was reportedly aiding Joshua in his preparations for a potential fight against Deontay Wilder. His current coach is Derrick James, with whom Joshua has a great collaboration.

However, many are surprised by the fact that Ben Davison is also helping him. Eddie Hearn confirmed the information in an interview with Boxing Social.
“AJ is with Derrick James, 100%. But Ben is a fantastic coach, and I think that has the kind of mind that AJ would tick with.

AJ is the kind of guy who doesn’t like to be out of camp for too long, and there is a chance he fights in December. So if that’s the case, he wanted these couple of weeks just to sharpen his tools before he heads into camp in Dallas with Derrick”.

Eddie Hearn on Anthony Joshua and his plans

In an interview with the BBC, Hearn confirmed that Joshua has several plans in the game and that he must make a good decision. When planning his next few months, it is necessary to find the best option for Joshua.

The Middle East is one of the options, but surprisingly, Africa is also in the game. However, the question is whether they can really secure such a match. “As we start to plan AJ’s next six to 12 months we just want to know if that is an option,” Hearn told the BBC.

“We could have that event in Saudi Arabia or other countries in the Middle East. Africa sounds incredible – can they come up with the money to do it? I don’t know. All of a sudden that fight between two giants, they’re carved out of stone, it becomes a massive fight.

We’re definitely willing to consider it”. Source: Independent

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