Floyd Mayweather will fight Logan Paul on Feb. 20

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Floyd Mayweather will fight Logan Paul on Feb. 20

After announcing his new return to the ring earlier, Floyd Mayweather Jr. revealed who would be his opponent on that occasion. He is a guy who often mentioned Floyd's name on his youtube videos, and he was very rude. It’s one of the most famous “YouTubers” in the world, Logan Paul.

Their match will take place on February 20, and the initial reactions of the fans are not very positive. The 25-year-old Paul is followed by 18.6 million fans on Instagram, while he is even more popular on YouTube, his main platform.

There, 22.6 million people have subscribed to his channel, and each published work exceeds five million views. He started his boxing adventure in the summer of 2018, with a match against the British YouTuber KSI. The duo’s amateur match via YouTube achieved sales of 1.3 million broadcasts, the highest figure for any non-professional boxing match.

He continued his boxing adventure a year later when the rematch of the mentioned match was organized by Eddie Hearn's Matchroom Boxing. Logan was defeated by professional rules, and the match was the third most successful boxing trial at DAZN in 2019.

Since then, Logan has not performed in boxing, unlike his brother Jake, who is on the introductory program of Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr. was better than Nate Robinson. But now he had his great opportunity.

Price: 24.99$

It is not stated where the match will take place, so it has not been confirmed what Floyd announced earlier, ie the return to Tokyo.

But that is why the prices of the match have been announced, and the same can be bought from now on. “Early Bird” thus costs $ 24.99 and will be worth up to the first million transmissions sold. The price then rises to 39.99 and will be valid until December 29, after which it jumps to 59.99, until February 11.

After that date, the one who wants to watch the match will have to pay $ 69.99. According to all this, it is clear that Floyd and the organizers expect multimillion-dollar sales, which is actually very possible if we count on the popularity of Paul and his fans who are not classic boxing fans but will certainly be interested in watching this trial.

As for Floyd, he has always been a PPV magnet so it is believed to be the case this time as well, even though it is an exhibition match. Logan Paul is 15 centimeters taller and weighs about 25 kilograms more than the 173-centimeter-tall multiple world champion and by many the best boxer in history.

Through his posts on social media, he has already revealed that he believes that this is something that Mayweather will not be able to respond to and that he is sure that he will knock out the 43-year-old boxing star.