Tyson Fury reacts to Usyk fight getting announced this soon


Tyson Fury reacts to Usyk fight getting announced this soon
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It’s quite rare to see a massive event getting announced before the end of a fight. Tyson Fury will be fighting Francis Ngannou on Saturday, yet for some reason, matchmakers/promoters announced Tyson Fury vs Oleksandr Usyk before the end of the Ngannou fight.

Francis Ngannou believes after the damage he will cause against Tyson Fury, he won’t be stable enough to fight Usyk. The long-awaited match between Fury and Usyk is expected to take place in December. Tyson Fury is not pleased by the promoter’s decision to announce it when he already has a scheduled event.

Tyson Fury on Usyk fight announcement

Recently, on The MMA Hour, Tyson Fury expressively spoke about the Uysk fight getting announced and explained why he is against the announcement. “It wasn’t my choice,” Fury said, as quoted by mmafighting.com.

“I would never in a million years do that. But the people who are putting these fights on, who are paying the money, they’re in control. They’re the promoters of the event. So the paymaster does what the paymaster wants, basically.

But if it was up to me, I would have never, ever, ever done that. Ever. Because I never count chickens before they hatch. Ever. I wasn’t happy at first, for them to announce it, but there was a lot going on in the background.

Fury further explained: For me, I don’t concentrate on any other fight other than Saturday night. What happens in the future stays in the future. I’m living for today and this moment. My moment now is to fight Francis for the baddest man on the planet title, and when I’ve won that, only after I’ve won that — I won’t even think about my next until I’ve had a week off and spent some time with my family.

I’ve been in camp 12 weeks — I’ll think about what’s happening next”.

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