Tommy Fury admits that the match with KSI was very boring and bad to watch


Tommy Fury admits that the match with KSI was very boring and bad to watch
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Tommy Fury, a renowned professional boxer and prominent figure in the world of reality television, is acutely aware that his recent bout with influencer KSI did not live up to expectations. In fact, he candidly admits that it fell far short of what he, his fans, and boxing enthusiasts had hoped for.

This high-profile matchup, which headlined Misfits Boxing: The PRIME Card, transpired at the illustrious AO Arena in Manchester, England. Despite emerging victorious with a majority decision, with two judges scoring the contest 57-56 in his favor, and a third declaring it a draw, Fury remains unsatisfied with his performance.

Fury's disappointment in his own showing stems from his deep respect for the sport of boxing and his desire to deliver a captivating, technically proficient fight. While he secured the win, he acknowledges that the overall quality of the match left much to be desired.

Tommy Fury is aware that it was a bad match to watch and that he failed the audience's expectations

As he reflects on the event, Tommy Fury is determined to learn from the experience, vowing to modify his training and approach to ensure that his future contests live up to the high standards he sets for himself and the sport he loves.

With his unwavering dedication and commitment, he plans to extend his reach and influence within the boxing world, striving for excellence in every ring appearance. “We knew it was going to be an awful fight,” Fury told Fight Hub TV.

“My dad predicted this a week ago. He said it was going to be a very scrappy fight, it was going to be a horrible watch, and that’s exactly what it was. “I’m not going to beat around the bush. Was it my best performance? No, very far from it, and it was a horrible watch.

I haven’t watched it back yet. At the end of the day, what do you want it to be when just one man wants to hop up and down and not engage? In traditional boxing, you stand there and you fight. You don’t up and down the ring and jump in with a little shot.

So it’s a scrappy, scrappy affair. Everyone knows what we’re doing. We all know KSI is awkward anyway. He’s not a boxer. He’s a horrible man to fight”. as quoted by MMAJunkie

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