Carl Froch lashes out at KSI and Tommy Fury for their ‘diabolical’ performance


Carl Froch lashes out at KSI and Tommy Fury for their ‘diabolical’ performance
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The recent Misfits event disappointed majority of the spectators worldwide. The persuading marketing did not fulfil anyone’s expectations. Fights excluding the co-main and main event were somewhat bearable to watch, but as soon as the co-main event, Dillon Danis vs Logan Paul, began, all fans realized that both Dillon and Logan failed to walk their talk.

Both fighters promised a knockout, but they failed to fulfil their promise. It only got worse as the main event approached. KSI and Tommy Fury also made big statements, trying to convince fans of a guaranteed knockout, and they also failed to walk their talk.

KSI seemed to be practicing star jumps; a few viewers also thought he was doing wild Jamaican dance, and Tommy Fury was unnecessarily shying away and hesitating to throw a punch. Carl Froch, amongst the many boxing experts, spoke about the lack of professionalism displayed (skill-wise) in both these fights and acknowledged that it was an awful performance to watch.

Carl Froch on KSI vs Tommy Fury

In a recent YouTube video, Carl Froch shared his honest thoughts on KSI vs Tommy Fury and explained why such matches should be hosted in the future. “The fight itself was absolutely ******* diabolical,” Froch said as quoted by “It was so bad.

It was crap. It was probably the worst fight I’ve ever seen. It wasn’t competitive. Neither of them really wanted to throw a punch for fear of getting hit back. I suppose KSI tried a little bit, but I don’t know what he was doing.

He was kind of bouncing on the floor, doing star jumps in the middle of the ring in front of Tommy Fury, just waiting and just doing these star jumps, waving his arms around, flapping around like what? It wasn’t boxing.

Froch further said: “It’s cringy to watch, What are these two guys doing? It’s so bad. It’s appalling. Everyone who’s seen it will agree, I think all the response on YouTube comments or on Instagram reels that have gone out, everybody agrees how **** it was.

I don’t think anybody should’ve won, it should’ve been a draw. The Logan Paul fight was crap and the Tommy Fury-KSI fight was absolutely diabolical, it was awful”.

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