Jake Paul on KSI defeat: Only thing that got robbed is his hairline

KSI could not accept the defeat and claims that the referees made a mistake

by Sededin Dedovic
Jake Paul on KSI defeat: Only thing that got robbed is his hairline
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Jake Paul was front and center in the electrifying city of Manchester, eagerly anticipating the outcome of the much-anticipated match between two prominent social media icons. It was a night to remember as KSI, the YouTube sensation, stepped into the ring against the undefeated rising star of the light heavyweight division, Tommy Fury.

The bout was marked by its intensity, with Fury displaying his technical prowess and aggression throughout the contest. Despite a controversial moment in the fight, where Fury was penalized for a punch to the back of KSI's head, he managed to amass enough rounds in his favor.

When the final bell rang, Fury's victory seemed sealed. The judges' scorecards ultimately reflected a close contest, with tallies of 57-56, 57-56, and 57-57. However, there was an immediate outcry from the spectators when the official cards were made public.

It became apparent that there was an error in Rafael Ramos' scorecard, which should have also shown a score of 57-56 in favor of Fury. This miscalculation only added to the drama surrounding the fight. KSI, despite his frustration and disappointment in defeat, remained resolute in his determination.

He vowed to contest the decision and appeal the verdict, sending a clear message to Tommy Fury and his team that he was not ready to accept defeat without a fight. The controversy surrounding the match continued to fuel discussions and debates in the world of social media and professional boxing, leaving fans eagerly awaiting the next chapter in this unfolding story.

"We're gonna appeal. I want to appeal. I'm sorry that is outrageous," KSI said. "Robbery, it's a robbery. You weren't landing, look at your face. Look at you. I'm the YouTuber and you're the boxer, you have to win."

KSI is convinced that he won the match and that the judges robbed him

Tommy Fury, at the youthful age of 24, was on the heels of an impressive eight-round split decision win over none other than Jake Paul.

This memorable encounter occurred in the exotic Middle East, back in February, and the clash had the world of entertainment buzzing. Surprisingly, despite having the option for an immediate rematch with Fury, Jake Paul opted for a change of scenery and laced up his gloves for a boxing showdown against the MMA sensation, Nate Diaz.

In a heart-pounding night of action at the AO Arena, Paul took his place ringside, not as a fighter but as a supportive sibling. His older brother, Logan Paul, was in the spotlight, engaged in a fierce battle with Dillon Danis.

The outcome was a disqualification win for Logan Paul, further amplifying the excitement of the evening. However, when KSI voiced his concerns about the decision in his match against Fury, Jake Paul was quick to respond. Taking to his favorite platform, social media, Paul vehemently denied any allegations of a robbery.

This digital exchange only added more fuel to the already fiery discourse surrounding the controversial match, setting the stage for an ongoing rivalry and discussions within the world of combat sports. "Only thing that got robbed is his hairline.

It’s okay KSI, me too, it’s gonna be okay bubba. I took my loss [to Fury] like a man from the scorecard read and showed the youth how to learn from it and come back to take a W. This 30 year old man crying for an appeal," Paul stated.

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