Mams Taylor reveals that Jake Paul vs KSI was supposed to happen in December

Mams Taylor spoke about the possible fight between Jake Paul and KSI.

by Aryan Lakhani
Mams Taylor reveals that Jake Paul vs KSI was supposed to happen in December
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The much awaited boxing fight between Jake Paul and KSI may never happen if Tommy Fury faces his first ever career defeat against KSI tonight. KSI’s manager interestingly revealed that KSI had a scheduled fight with Jake Paul on 13th December, but the event did not happen because Jake Paul had a shift in his thought process.

KSI is absolutely confident in his skills and abilities as a boxer and can foresee himself winning the match against his toughest test, Tommy Fury. Both fighters are undefeated, so somebody’s ‘0’ has got to go!

In just a few hours, we will find out if KSI can cause one of the greatest upsets of the year.

Mams Taylor on KSI vs Jake Paul

Recently, on The MMA Hour, Mams Taylor shed some light on the match between Jake Paul and KSI and explained why it didn’t happen.

“Because if he really wanted to fight, we had 99 percent of the terms agreed, Nakisa and myself," Taylor said as quoted by … I even tweeted this fight will happen this year. It was going to happen in December at a [Principality Stadium] in Cardiff, 90,000 people.

[The PRIME card] wouldn’t have happened. We booked the stadium. We had the date, Dec. 13 or something. Nakisa said that Jake changed his mind. We even offered to move it forward to do it on this date, around this date, October or whatever, and then Nakisa called me after the Tommy fight and said, ‘Hey, Jake’s changed his mind.

I want him to fight KSI. I think it makes sense for him after losing to Tommy, he should fight KSI, but Jake says he wants a bigger name and someone who he can prove himself more against.’[KSI] goes for it fearlessly and he wanted to fight Jake, That was one of the reasons he got back into boxing.

Taylor further said: He wanted to have some warm-up fights, get back on the level where he feels confident. Jake had a head start. KSI was doing music, Jake was focusing on boxing, and KSI’s like, ‘No, I want to fight Jake. Let’s go for this aggressively.’ So we really did”.

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