KSI: I want to slap John Fury after I knock out his son Tommy Fury


KSI: I want to slap John Fury after I knock out his son Tommy Fury
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Internet star and YouTuber KSI will have a match in Manchester on Saturday against Tommy Fury, who is the brother of the great champion and far more famous Tyson Fury. He has a difficult task because Tommy Fury is a very good boxer indeed and very young.

This year, Tommy Fury fought against another YouTube star, Jake Paul, where he dominated and won by a split decision. Jake Paul is not a professional boxer, but he was afraid of the first defeat in his career. Most of the boxing crowd sees Tommy Fury as the favorite, but KSI says that's ridiculous and that there's no way the Irishman can beat him.

Ksi said that he will explain boxing to Fury and that he will knock him out. "Oh, it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter. Like whether I walk in and they're cheering or booing. I will take that energy and use it to fuel me because I am different.

I have plot armor. Legit no matter what happens, okay, I end up always winning. That's how I that's just how it is and that's how it's always been. Now I can just go in, show him the levels, knock him out and then laugh at his body on the floor.

Maybe slap John Fury while I'm at it because he owes me that slap after beating his son and then just riding into the sunset," KSI told Capital Breakfast with Roman Kemp.

After John Fury turned down a bet with KSI, the internet star said he doesn't believe in his son

Later, this internet star said that he tried to make a bet with the father of his opponent John Fury.

Namely, he demanded that if he beat his son, he could slap John. "Yeah, so I made a bet with John Fury. If I beat your son, I get to slap you in the face. John was like, "nah, your not slapping me in the face". Alright then let's bet and he's like, "no, I don't need to bets". I was just like "oh, you're not confident in your son?," KSI said.

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