Mike Tyson pleased with his fight

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Mike Tyson pleased with his fight

The split decision of the WBC's "celebrity" judges, the three former world champions, resulted in a draw in a very interesting match between Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr. Of course, although the outcome at the end of something like this is not important, they both wanted to win.

Especially Tyson, who from the first to the last second confirmed that he has not changed and that his boxing style is the one in which he seeks action all the time. "I can accept that result. I believe I won, but I can accept a draw.

The fans were satisfied and that is the most important thing, "Iron Mike told BT Sport immediately, and Jones was not satisfied with the outcome either, for whom it must be admitted that he did not go as hard to win as his opponent.

"His punches, no matter where and how he hits you, everything really hurts. I think I did a good job at a distance so I'm still calm with a draw. Mike said he's ready to do this again, but I'm not sure.His punches in the body had consumed me.

Every fighter knows what they are doing, "Superman said.


Mike then approached him and started praising him. "I know how hard I hit you, but you took it. You held out and came back into the match, that's why I respect you," Iron Mike said, extending his hand.

"I'm used to three-minute rounds, but I have to admit that two can act like three as well. I'm happy to have done this at 54 and intend to move on. I'm absolutely going to keep fighting, and Roy will be on that program as well."

Tyson continued, discovering that he was quickly overwhelmed by the desire for a rematch, which he expressed back in the ring, after the end of the last round. He added: "No matter what everyone thinks, I’m happy to have done eight rounds.

Everyone knows I’m capable of knocking out an opponent, but they didn’t know I was capable of doing eight rounds. That makes me happier than anything else. I was hit, but when he hit me I switched to Plan B. I would hit him back.

" So Tyson is sure that this is just the first of the exhibitions he will do and that we should see him in the ring again in a few months. What is the situation with Jones, whose retirement was not that long after all? “It’s hard to answer anything right now, especially because I have fans who love me,” Jones began to reply, to Tyson adding, “We have to do this again, man, we have to.