Logan Paul reveals if he will ever fight Jake Paul or KSI in the ring


Logan Paul reveals if he will ever fight Jake Paul or KSI in the ring
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YouTube boxing was initiated with a clash between Joe Weller and KSI – no one would have imagined it to evolve the way it has. Logan Paul and Deji fought Floyd Mayweather. Jake Paul fought all MMA legends. The milestones achieved by these YouTubers are overwhelming; however, it shows that with strong will and determination, anything can be achieved.

Fans and interviewers constantly ask Logan Paul if he will ever fight his brother Jake Paul in the boxing ring. He does not abandon the idea but reveals that the chances are low. Logan also answered whether or not he would fight KSI for the 3rd time.

Logan Paul on fighting Jake Paul and KSI

In a recent interview with BoxingScene.com, Logan Paul shared his thoughts on fighting Jake Paul and KSI and revealed his aims as a boxer. "Mmm. It depe … Everyone always asks me this," Paul said, as quoted by boxingscene.com.

"And a small group of reporters in an interview. "The possibilities are so low. Just because we don't need to do that. My end goal in boxing -- I don't know if I have one. Part of me maybe wants to get a championship belt, part of me just wants to show that I am the best.

Logan on Jake Paul: "Part of me doesn't give a **** at all. I don't know. Jake is my brother. He's always going to be my No. 1 no matter what. The relationship is great … I love the kid and he loves me. We're each other's best friends, and right now, we're great".

Logan on fighting KSI: "That's another one, like I just don't know if I could see it happening [fighting with KSI]. I just feel like we've put that to bed, We've come together now as friends. We like each other. So I don't know. Anything is possible ... but probably not that".

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