Shakur Stevenson not driven by money, wants to fight a big name


Shakur Stevenson not driven by money, wants to fight a big name
Shakur Stevenson not driven by money, wants to fight a big name © Elsa/Getty Images

The undefeated lightweight boxer Shakur Stevenson is set to fight Edwin De Los Santos on 16th November. This is a title fight; Shakur Stevenson and Edwin De Los Santos will be fighting for the vacant WBC lightweight belt. Stevenson is really ambitious about the future; fighting against well-known, credible opponents means a lot to him.

He has been constantly asking for a match against Devin Haney – only time can tell how soon that match will take place. Stevenson is ready for the challenge ahead; he does not define or link his success with financial prosperity.

For him, success is to leave a mark in the boxing world and to be known as one of the greatest boxers.

Shakur Stevenson on his future

Recently, on Cigar Talk, Shakur Stevenson shared his thoughts on his future in boxing and revealed what motivates him to fight.

“Once I fight in the big, big, big fights or that big fight where I get my foot in the door and then take over and just keep taking over and nonstop dominate, that’s when I’m going be more so satisfied,” Stevenson said, as quoted by “That’s when I’ll be happy, I think it’s very frustrating”.

Stevenson on who he wants next: “I want to be in the best fight possible, which is why I went straight at Lomachenko after that fight [with Devin Haney last May].Right now, I’m hungry, like I’m starving, and I’m not talking about money.

Stevenson explains what motivates him to fight: This doesn’t have one thing to do with money. I don’t give a **** about that at this point in my career. This is more so the love of the sport of boxing that’s driving me and making me want to be one of the greatest.

That’s my passion; that’s the goal that I want to achieve, I want to be one of the greatest boxers ever to do it and put my name in the history books like Floyd Mayweather, Andre Ward, Pernell Whitaker, and Terence Crawford.

Them guys. Once I’m able to put myself in that history book, I’m going to be satisfied”.