Tommy Fury reveals why he never liked KSI


Tommy Fury reveals why he never liked KSI
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The long-awaited boxing clash between Tommy Fury and KSI is less than a week away. Both fighters are confident of a win; this is by far the toughest test in KSI's career. He is one win away from becoming the king of YouTube boxing and putting a permanent stain on the Fury name.

Tommy Fury was dragged into the world of YouTube boxing after going back and forth with Jake Paul on social media. The virtual animosity led to an 8 round boxing match, where Tommy emerged victoriously. If it wasn't for the significant sums of fortune, Tommy would probably stay away from these matches.

Tommy has never really been a fan of KSI because of his YouTube background.

Tommy Fury on fighting KSI

In a recent interview with BBC Breakfast, Tommy Fury explained why he does not like KSI and made a bold prediction for his match against KSI.

"I've never been a fan, not one bit," Fury said as quoted by"I just don't like the way he carries on about all of this YouTube sneaky stuff and calling out people. I'm in a different mode now, I'm not really on social media because I've got a job to do and that's to fight on October 14, my job isn't to mess around on Instagram playing games and going back and forth with people.

Fury certain of a victory: When someone can't box very well, they box like KSI. They do erratic stuff because they don't know what they're actually doing. He's an idiot, a loudmouth in front of a camera. I'm one million per cent certain that I'll beat KSI, there is no doubt in my mind.

I've beaten tougher men than him already, he ain't stopping nothing. I'm going to go in there and dismantle this side inside two rounds. KSI is a blown-up fool who is going to come in on fight night and swing some silly shots, lunge in with some stupid stuff and that will be it".

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