Leigh Wood announced that the next fight will be in the super-featherweight division


Leigh Wood announced that the next fight will be in the super-featherweight division
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Leigh Wood managed to defend the featherweight belt and remain champion in an interesting match against Josh Warrington that took place on Saturday at the Utilita Arena in Sheffield. The match started very attractively and aggressively in the first couple of rounds, we have to admit that Warrington was really good.

However, in the seventh round, Warrington was knocked down after a good combination by Wood, and referee Michael Alexander stopped the match. Protests immediately began from Warrington's corner that the match should not have been stopped.

Warrington himself said after the match that he was robbed by the referees and that he wanted another match. The case itself will be investigated by a panel of judges, but that does not change the fact that Leigh Wood won.
“I picked Warrington and told [promoter] Eddie [Hearn] that I wasn’t going to fight him unless it was in the contract that my next fight would take place at the City Ground and we’ve got that clause in there,” Wood stated pre-fight.

“The question of who isn’t really the problem –– it’s where and when,” Wood said after being awarded the win against Warrington at the end of the seventh round. “We want to do the City Ground.

If we do it again [against Warrington], we do it again, [but] if not I’d like a new challenge”. as quoted by BoxingScene

Leigh Wood will most likely move up to the super-featherweight division

After the fight, the winner of this match stated that he wants to advance to the super-featherweight category, and a story has already appeared that he could fight in the category up to 130 pounds against Joe Cordina.

This match probably won't come anytime soon as Cordine defends his title against Edwards Vazquez in early November. We have to admit that Leigh was very lucky in his victory against Josh Warrington, but that is what the greatest fighters are known for.

For every success, in addition to hard training, a small dose of luck is needed, which this fighter had. We will wait for Joe Cordina's match to finish and then we will see if that match with Wood will come. If that match is announced, it is certain that Nottingham Forest's City Ground will be packed because Wood said that he wants his next match to take place there.