Tony Yoka defeated Christian Hammer and showed how strong he is

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Tony Yoka defeated Christian Hammer and showed how strong he is

Successful in his ninth professional boxing exam was former world amateur champion and gold medalist in the heavyweight division, Tony Yoka. The 28-year-old French heavyweight gave absolutely no chance to the experienced and famous German boxer, Christian Hammer.

The match was arranged for ten rounds, and the Frenchman was in control of the match for all ten. Tough Hammer was trying to be aggressive and deadly, and some of his punches passed, and in those moments it was clear that Yoki didn't care.

But for most of the match, it seemed like the situation was going exactly the way he envisioned it and how he was actually in control of what was going on in the ring. Hammer is a serious opponent, who was the 39th boxer in the world before this match according to BoxRec and who has been performing at a high level for a long time, and against the impressive Yoke he failed to take a round according to the score judges.

Yoka had a rhythm throughout the match, he moved well, he didn't let the opponent get close to him and it seems that he and the coach worked a lot on the tactical part

Yoka: 12th in the world

That threw him back six places on the aforementioned ladder, and Yoka jumped just as much and is now the 12th heavyweight in the world.

He skipped boxers like Luis Ortiz, Charles Martin and Oscar Rivas. Only the highest elite remained before him now. It is certainly worth mentioning that Yoka's wife, also an Olympic gold medalist, Estelle Mossely, performed at the same event.

She successfully returned to boxing as early as September, after giving birth to their second son in May, and has now defeated Emma Gongora for her eighth professional win. The current European champion of the super heavyweight category, Viktor Faust, is successfully continuing his path towards serious heavyweight exams.

The Ukrainian reached his fifth professional victory by defeating Alen Babic's undefeated opponent, Kamil Sokolowski. You may remember him for his victory over Marko Milun in the semifinals of the European Championship in Minsk last year and for his real last name, Vykhryst, which is very difficult to pronounce, especially for non-Slavic peoples.

For this reason, he chose this much easier and more memorable last name for his professional career. This victory brought him to the 63rd place in the heavyweight rankings according to BoxRec