De La Hoya: Charlo just showed up for a paychec, We are watching boxing die slowly

De La Hoya explained how money affects sports

by Sededin Dedovic
De La Hoya: Charlo just showed up for a paychec, We are watching boxing die slowly
© Slaven Vlasic / Getty Images

The Hall of Fame fighter Oscar De La Hoya was looking forward to the fight between Alvarez and Charlo. He said before the fight that we will see a great fight and an uncertain one, however, the fight was anything but uncertain.

Canelo Alvarez beat Jermell Charlo well, dominated him the whole match, made two knockdowns. On the other hand, Charlo acted as if he came to the match just to survive and get out of the ring alive. Totally listless and disinterested performance for such a big match.

“Canelo-Charlo was a super boring fight. [Charlo] just showed up for a paycheck. Canelo, obviously like I said, on quicksand throwing bombs. He won easily. But anyway, if we want boxing to survive and thrive we need super fights, like all the time,” De La Hoya said in a video posted on his Instagram page.

De La Hoya claims that boxers only compete for money

De La Hoya later expressed concern for the sport and announced that if this continues, boxing will die. The entire sport has been corrupted by promoters and fighters who only want to fight for money, De La Hoya wants to see fights that the audience expects.

He added that everything has lost its meaning because of money, the fighters are no longer fighting to prove that they are the best, but they want money regardless of the result. This spoils a sport like boxing, in combat sports the competitive spirit and the desire to be the best should be strongly represented.

De La Hoya then took a detour from the fight and pivoted toward the current state of the sport at large, pleading that the powers that be must serve fans the most desired fights possible moving forward. “We are watching boxing die slowly.

I’m calling out all promoters to come together and make all the fights the fans want to see – finally. I’m tired of fighters fighting for money; let’s start fighting for legacy. Fighters must fight each other.

We have to come together. Promoters, Eddie Hearn, Al Haymon, Bob Arum, whoever is out there. Let's come together. I'm calling you out. Let's come together. Let's meet. The power of the minds and come up with something, because boxing can die.

I'm calling you all out. Let's do this”. as quoted by BoxingScene