Jermell Charlo: If Tszyu next, then I'm on it

Jermell Charlo press conference after match with Alvarez

by Sededin Dedovic
Jermell Charlo: If Tszyu next, then I'm on it
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Last week we had the opportunity to watch a real boxing spectacle at T-Mobile Arena. The long-announced fight between Jermell Charlo and Canelo Alvarez took place on Saturday in front of a packed arena. Jermell Charlo had to go to 168 pounds for this match in order to fight in the super middleweight category against the Mexican superstar Alvarez.

Canelo Alvarez won that fight very convincingly by unanimous decision. Alvarez dominated throughout the match, throwing punches while Charlo's famous defense broke right at the beginning of the match. It wasn't the best night for the thirty-three-year-old Jermell Charlo, but he announced his imminent return to the ring.

When he returns, he will go back to his "natural" division of 154 pounds.
“I’m going back to down to 154,” Charlo said during his post-fight press conference late Saturday night. “So, that’s gonna be major.

I can do it. Yeah, I can make the weight easy”.

Jermell Charlo hopes to enter the Hall of Fame

For the sake of Charlo's fight for the super middleweight belt, the WBO has decided that Tim Tszyu will now be the full middleweight champion.

Of course, the young Australian was already the interim junior champion. Charlo says that he respects Tszya, but that he would like to fight with him because he surely deserves to be the challenger the most. Tszyu fights in less than two weeks on October 15 against WBC interim super welterweight champion Brian Mendoza.

After that fight if Tszyu wins and gets through without injury, we hope for a quick fight against Charlo.
“I just follow the plans and fight whoever,” Charlo said. “Obviously, we can see [that]. It’s about being great and being a legend in boxing.

Hopefully, y’all put me in the Hall of Fame. I don’t know who controls that, but I deserve it. And possibly I’ll come back at 154. I’ll just, you know, listen to my coaches and if Tim Tszyu next, then I’m on it”.

Jermell Charlo