Travell Mazion superwelter champion died

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Travell Mazion superwelter champion died

Boxing world is mourning the untimely death of Travell Mazion. The superwelter weight world champion died in the past few hours, at the age of 24 years-old, due to a car accident in Austin, Texas. A head-on collision with a car traveling in the opposite direction was fatal for the boxer, who would have completed his years on 24 July: a car driven by a 61-year-old man, who also died immediately after being transported to hospital.

Nicknamed Black Magic, Travell Mazion had risen to the ring for his professional debut in April 2013 in Austin, when he won the meeting with Ricky Young by technical knockout. Since that match, the American had managed to build a bright career (17 wins in the 17 matches played), culminating in the superwelter title: conquered on 11 January at the Alamodome in San Antonio, after knocking Fernando Castañeda in just 58 seconds.

The pain of Oscar de la Hoja

Among the many emotional reactions of the boxing world, which came after the news of his death, above all that of the ex boxer Oscar de la Hoja stands out. Former gold medalist at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics in the 'light' category, now agent and promoter of the 'Golden Boy Promotions', an agency that also looked after the interests of Mazion: "I'm still incredulous.

Black Magic you left us too soon! With your disappearance, not only boxing but also the whole world has lost a good one person. My heart and my prayers are for you and your family. I would like to dedicate the next fight to him.

He deserved much more. He was not only a great boxer, but he had all the attributes of a great person and it is such an unfortunate thing to see his life taken away in this way." Oscar de la Hoja, 22-years-old Texil boxer Vergil Ortiz Jr, is, expected from the match of 24 July against Samuel Vargas.

Meanwhile former boxer and heavyweight champion Mike Tyson, who came back in auge after declaring he wanted come back to fight exhibition matches, during some interviews released revealed that if he could fight against any boxer in history, he would surely have chosen and faced Floyd Mayweather.

Tyson retired in 2005, after losing by technical knockout to Kevin McBride, with a professional record of 50 wins and 6 defeats with 44 knockouts. Now the 53 year old appears in perfect shape, ready to return to the ring. During the various interviews, Iron Mike said that if he could choose to fight against any boxer in history, he would certainly have chosen Mayweather, facing him in a dirty way because according to Tyson you cannot beat Money in a clean way.

He said: "Well, I would have liked to face Floyd Mayweather. We could never fight, of course, because of the different weight class, but I would not face him in the way they all dealt with him. I would be bad, I would be dirty.

Because it is impossible face it cleanly. You can't fight this boy cleanly. " As for Tyson's return to the ring, fans around the world hope for the trilogy with Evander Holyfield; according to the latest rumors, the two former world heavyweight champions would be in talks for a three-round performance match.

Holyfield won two previous matches, the second (which took place in 1997) by disqualification after Tyson took a bite off his ear with a bite. For the moment, the two are battling at a distance with social video with training sessions.