Canelo Alvarez: "Making the weight for Charlo shouldn't be an issue",


Canelo Alvarez: "Making the weight for Charlo shouldn't be an issue",
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Canelo Alvarez had a really interesting performance at the final press conference Wednesday at the MGM Grand. Of course, it is a conference before his big match, which will take place already on Saturday against Jermell Charlo, who will move up two-division in weight.

A really interesting match with two good fighters, it will be a real spectacle on Saturday. “I think he’s gonna do well because he have height and he’s a strong fighter,” Alvarez told following their final press conference Wednesday at MGM Grand.

“To do that for me is crazy, right? But I think he’s gonna do better [at] ’54 because maybe he has struggles to make weight at ’54 because he’s big. But I don’t know. He took that challenge like I took that challenge before, and that’s it”.

Canelo Alvarez thinks that it won't be too difficult for Jermell Charl to gain weight

Canelo Alvarez himself made the same move 4 years ago and had a two-division move up in weight. At that moment he was fighting the significantly taller Russian Sergey Kovalev who has bombs in his hands and great knockout power.

Alvarez's rise in weight resulted in his victory, although the match lasted a very long time, Canelo managed to defeat the Russian fighter. However, unlike him, Jermell Charlo is a little taller than Alvarez, and for that reason, Alvarez thinks that it will be easier for him than it was for him.

“For me, it was crazy because I’m not that big,” Alvarez said. “But I felt great. I felt strong”. as quoted by BoxingScene “Making the weight shouldn’t be an issue,” Charlo told a small group of reporters following their press conference Wednesday.

“It feels good. I kinda feel it, but I kinda don’t. You still gotta work to make [weight] and come in at the same weight he is”. The match is already on Saturday, for sure it will be a complete spectacle.

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