Francis Ngannou: First I trained boxing, then MMA

Francis Ngannou about his boxing match vs Fury

by Sededin Dedovic
Francis Ngannou: First I trained boxing, then MMA
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Francis Ngannou is a frequently mentioned name these days. Namely, this former UFC champion will soon make his debut in boxing against champion Tyson Fury, one of the best boxers of today. That is why the interest in this match is great, we have to agree that this match seems interesting.

We will have to wait a month because the fight will take place in October. 28 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Ngannou aims to prove that he has skills and that a powerful knockout punch is not the only weapon he has. He wants them to show that this is not just a test of an MMA fighter in boxing, but that he has big plans.

But it will be very difficult for the Frenchman, even though he is trained by Mike Tyson to beat, according to some, the best boxer in the world.
“In fact, that’s what I’m going to prove,” Ngannou said during Tuesday’s open workout media scrum in Las Vegas.

“That’s why I’m doing this. I think, OK, the one-shot guy, you can get away with the one shot for some time, but not always. I have heard that same story before. Looks like deja vu”.

There is already a lot of interest even though there is a month until the match

In the end, Ngannou pointed out that he started his career in combat sports precisely with boxing, and he picked up those skills much earlier.

No matter how much some people hate these "exhibition" matches, we have to agree that no boxing match has caused so much public interest in a long time. “I know there is a difference,” Ngannou said. “I never thought it was the same thing.

There’s some similarities, basically, as a combat sport, but they are very different on the focus, the training on the stance, and everything. Just a little reminder: I started doing boxing even before MMA, and when I came to MMA, I had to adjust my boxing style to fit in MMA.

Otherwise, it wouldn’t work”. as quoted by MMAJunkie “I see it more like two boxers,” Ngannou said. “For this fight, I’m not training with an MMA mentality like I’m an MMA guy. I’m going out there to box.

I’m training as a boxer. I’m not seeing myself as an MMA guy, so I hope you guys,too, see me as a boxer”.

Francis Ngannou