Joe Joyce announces that defeat on Saturday will not lead to his retirement

Joe Joyce statement about his last fight this Saturday

by Sededin Dedovic
Joe Joyce announces that defeat on Saturday will not lead to his retirement
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Joe Joyce experienced a major decline in his career much to the chagrin of all his fans. The British fighter lost again to the Chinese heavyweight Zhilei Zhang, which ended with a brutal knockout. At that moment, the entire hall erupted as the Chinese man rejoiced.

To make matters worse, this is their second match, and the first match was won by Zhang. It is known that after losing two matches against the same opponent, fighters lose morale and it is usually a turning point in their career.

Joyce is not planning to retire yet, he claims he has a lot to offer

Of course, Joyce doesn't think like that, or at least he doesn't say it publicly, but we've already heard that Joshua is no longer interested in fighting him.

Joyce claims that she will improve her physical fitness and that she still has a lot to offer. Miraculously, he didn't state the reasons why he lost the match, but you could see that Zhang is the more dominant fighter with a stronger punch.

The journalists immediately stated that this would be the reason for retirement, but the Brotanic did not agree with them. He announced that he will now train even more and that he has enough time to return to the top of world boxing.

"I'm going to [take] a bit of time and go on holiday before I reflect and review where I went wrong," ‘The Juggernaut’ said in an interview with iFL TV immediately after slipping to 15-2 with 14 quick finishes on Saturday night.

"I'm feeling good, I'm feeling okay and it's not the end of the world. “I can rebuild and come back. After all, I’ve had harder, more challenging spars, it wasn’t a grueling fight”. as quoted by BoxingScene In any case, this will surely leave a big mark on Joyce's career and he will certainly never forget this duel.

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