Conor Benn beats Rodolfo Orozco after being inactive for more than a year

Conor Benn makes a great comeback and looks forward to fighting again soon.

by Aryan Lakhani
Conor Benn beats Rodolfo Orozco after being inactive for more than a year
© Alex Livesey / Getty Images

Conor Benn has been through a fair sum of criticism coupled with a dark phase of inactivity; after fighting against all that, he made a comeback almost after 1.5 years and secured a fantastic unanimous decision win against Rodolfo Orozco.

Conor Benn was previously supposed to fight against Chris Eubank Jr back in October 2022, but he got suspended for testing positive for an illegal substance. Rodolfo Orozco was no easy opponent; it is worth knowing that Orozco has never been knocked out in his entire boxing career; the matches that he lost were due to unanimous decisions & majority decisions.

Orozco is a tough fighter; he displayed grit on multiple occasions; Conor Benn was arguably more tactical & explosive, due to which he won the match.

Conor Benn on winning the match

Conor Benn is happy with a win; he admires his opponent's toughness and looks forward to fighting again in the near future.

"We didn't want a walk in the park. I needed the rounds after 18 months out," Benn said, as quoted by "He's a true Mexican, my first Mexican I've fought, and we knew he was durable. Credit to him, he's never been stopped before and he's one tough man and I hope he progresses”.

Benn further said: "They are stronger and take shots more. I don't think there was ring rust, I was going through the gears after going through hell. Britain is my home and it's only right I fight back there, sooner rather than later".

Conor Benn remains to be undefeated and has updated his professional boxing record to 22-0 (14 knockouts). The recent win raises a lot of questions about what's next for Conor Benn in his career; he could show up next year, and it will be interesting to see who he ends up fighting against next.