Zach Parker wants to prove himself against Anthony Yarde if he wins on Saturday

Zack Parker statement about who he wants for next fight

by Sededin Dedovic
Zach Parker wants to prove himself against Anthony Yarde if he wins on Saturday
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Zach Parker fought very well the last couple of years until he had an injury that kept him out of fight for almost a year. Now he announces that he is coming back stronger than ever and already on Saturday as the undercard of Zhilei Zhang vs.

Joe Joyce 2. Hoping for a win to pave his way to a championship fight, he has openly stated that he wants Anthony Yarde. Certainly, by winning the next fight, he would have more chances for that match he is hoping for. “It [the division] is all tied up with Canelo at the moment.

You see John Ryder go against him and you can see he’s on the down now. I think you can see age is catching up with him. I think I could have caused him a lot of problems but everything happens for a reason. It happens in sport doesn’t it?” Parker told 32Red.

“Styles make fights and John gave a really good account of himself [against Canelo]. My fight with him was just playing out the way I wanted it to but you can’t help getting injured. I think I’m still up there with the top guys.

I think losing might be a good thing for me. I’ll fight anybody now. Once you lose your ‘0’ you get better chances,” Parker continued. as quoted by BoxingScene

For Zach Parker everything depends on his result this Saturday, really a lot of pressure on his back

Zach Parker believes that he is always honest and whatever he says is what he means, now he wants to make weight and get the fight he's been dreaming about for a long time.

“I said I’d take it in a heartbeat,” Parker said. “I’ve always said I’ll move up in weight at some point. I’m massive at super middleweight so I’ll keep my options open, see what Neil [Marsh, his manager] and Frank [Warren, his promoter] can get their hands on and go from there.

Caleb Plant’s had another loss against David Benevidez. There’s the Benevidez fight. Even going to light heavyweight, there are a lot of fights up there. I’m keeping my options open,” Parker said. “Talk is cheap though.

You need to back it up. I’ll get a couple of wins on my record and then I’ll be back with the top lads. I wasn’t number one for almost three years for no reason. I think I’ll get better chances now and there are big fights out there for me,” Parker concluded.