Zhilei Zhang's Trainer promises a more aggressive style of his fighter


Zhilei Zhang's Trainer promises a more aggressive style of his fighter
Zhilei Zhang's Trainer promises a more aggressive style of his fighter © James Chance / Getty Images

Haun George, the trainer of the huge Chinese giant Zhilei Zhang, had something to say before the 12-round rematch for the WBO interim heavyweight title at OVO Arena Wembley in London. He of course believes in his fighter and thinks that Joyce is presenting unfounded facts about their last fight when Zhang also won.

“I’m excited about Saturday,” George told BoxingScene.com. “Obviously, we had to take this fight because there was a rematch clause. And we are grateful for Joe Joyce and Team Joe Joyce for giving us the opportunity the first time around.

But for me, it’s gonna be more of the same because Zhilei didn’t show you everything in April”. “I’ve been watching Joe Joyce since 2014, before the American public had ever seen him, before a lot of people had seen him,” George said.

“The first time I had seen him was in Halle, Germany. I think he fought Tony Yoka in the finals of that tournament. He has the same style now. Little differences here and there, his foot placements. But Joe Joyce is Joe Joyce.

Haun George praised his fighter Zhilei Zhang but also showed respect for Joyce

Zhang's trainer admitted that Joyce is a little more physically fit, but he is confident in his fighter's strength. He also added that his fighter will now study with different tactics, unlike the last match.

The fans of both fighters are waiting for this match as much as the coach is waiting for it. “He’s gonna come forward, he’s gonna put pressure on you. He looks like he’s heavier this time around, so we know what he’s gonna try to do.

We don’t care. We don’t care what they’re gonna try to do. I believe skills pay the bills. We know Zhilei has power and we know Zhilei has the hand speed, skill and boxing IQ to beat Joe Joyce”. “I’m expecting a tough fight,” George said.

“I’m not thinking Zhilei is just gonna go in there and do the same thing. They’re gonna make adjustments. We know that Joe has willpower, we know that he has determination, and we know that he has defied the odds before.

But not Saturday night. It’s gonna be a different Zhilei. Y’all are gonna see something different with Zhilei and y’all are gonna be like, ‘OK.’ He’s gonna be in [conversations] to fight and beat any of these world champions, especially Usyk”.

as quoted by BoxingScene.

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