Michael Hunter wanted to fight Hrgovic but it didn't happen

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Michael Hunter wanted to fight Hrgovic but it didn't happen

After Filip Hrgović's victory against Rydell Booker, the best Croatian heavyweight named seven boxers, well-known heavyweight names. Two of them answered him, the Chinese Zhang Zhilei and Michael Hunter, an American boxer who is in the seventh place in the heavyweight category according to BoxRec.

It was the seventh heavyweight in the world who discovered how intriguing the match against Hrgović was and that he was ready to accept it. After arriving in Croatia, Filip announced a big exam that would follow in the spring, and information from his promoters, the Sauerland brothers, appeared that they liked Hunter the most as a potential opponent.

It would be to be expected then that some first talks were initiated on this issue. And there should be no big problems with Hunter for very interesting reasons. Namely, he recently terminated his contract with Matchroom and intends to take care of his career for some time to come.

There was no contact

But that there was still no contact, he revealed in an interview for the Boxing scene. "They haven't called me yet, and they all have my number. Neither Sauerland nor Eddie Hearn. They say I'm a difficult person to negotiate, and I can tell you that no one talked to me about the match against Filip Hrgovic," he said.

Hunter, adding that he had asked for the match before: Hrgović and I fought twice on the same program last year. I fought harder opponents every time and after the match I would ask them 'Why don't you want to let me fight Filip Hrgović?' They told me that he was still green and that they were just preparing him for that caliber of fighting.

If he is ready, so am I. I am absolutely ready to fight Hrgović, in fact I have asked for it a couple of times already. " The 32-year-old Hunter (18-1-1, 12 KOs) has not fought since December last year, when he played a draw in Diraja against Alexander Povetkin, a match that actually made him a Top 10 heavyweight.

The next match, the first since his collaboration with Matchroom ended, will be on December 19th. He will then be opposed by American “journeyman” Chauncy Welliwer (57-13-5, 29 KOs), the 377th heavyweight in the world by BoxRec.

It seems that without Matchroom it is not easy to arrange a match worth mentioning. This should be an easy path for Hunter to his 19th career victory.