Zhilei Zhang reacts to Joe Joyce showing up for the rematch so soon

Zhilei Zhang shares his thoughts on Joe Joyce activating the rematch clause in just 4 months after their first fight.

by Aryan Lakhani
Zhilei Zhang reacts to Joe Joyce showing up for the rematch so soon
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Zhilei Zhang and Joe Joyce previously faced each other in April, which was roughly 4 months ago; Zhang believes Joe Joyce activated the rematch clause way too soon but also understands and acknowledges that he had no other option.

The rematch is equally important for both fighters; we are just a few hours away from witnessing one of the most exciting fights of the year. Zhilei Zhang was successful in identifying Joe Joyce’s weaknesses and looks forward to taking advantage of them in the rematch.

Zhilei Zhang is one fight away from claiming a position of authority and increasing his chances of getting in the ring with the "Gypsy King" Tyson fury.If Joe Joyce secures a win tomorrow, it would be fair to assume that a trilogy match could be scheduled next.

Zhilei Zhang on Joe Joyce

In a recent interview with Fight Hub Tv, Zhilei Zhang shared his thoughts on Joe Joyce using the rematch clause and talks about his next steps after the rematch. “I was a little surprised that he activated the rematch clause so fast, but if I put myself in his shoes, he had no options,” Zhang said, as quoted by boxing247.com.

“What else was he doing to do? So the rematch clause was understandable, but it’s not helping him at all. It’s too soon. Still looks a little swelled up, What I was trying to deliver a message to him that, ‘You’re not going to take the [interim WBO heavyweight title] away, but you’re going to take shots.’ “In the first fight, he was taking heavy shots in every round.

Zhang on who’s after Joe Joyce: Because of the eye, I didn’t like the T in TKO. I take it away, right now, I don’t want to talk about it because my whole focus is on Joe Joyce, on Saturday, you’re going to see Chinese power and Chinese speed”.

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