Luis Alberto Lopez admits he struggled to beat Gonzalez


Luis Alberto Lopez admits he struggled to beat Gonzalez
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Luis Alberto Lopez had a tough training camp ahead of his bout with Joet Gonzalez on Friday night in Corpus Christi, Texas. He said he never prepared for so long because he wanted to keep his belt. The match started very uncertain, it seemed that anything could happen until the end, however Luis Alberto Lopez emerged as the winner in the end and remained the champion.

“We knew that Joet Gonzalez is a very dangerous fighter,” Lopez said. “He never stops attacking. He can take anything you throw at him. We knew that’s what he came to do and that he came with a lot of hunger to take the title away from me, but I also am very hungry to remain champion.

“… It was a very close fight. We know that Joet Gonzalez was coming forward. He wouldn’t take a step back. I know it was a tough fight, but I know that I won”.

Luis Alberto Lopez: I think it was a very even match

Luis Alberto Lopez praised his opponent Joet Gonzalez a lot and pointed out that it was a very even match.

The scores were 118-110, 117-111 and 116-112. The champion does not agree with the results, even though he won, he says that it should have been a more even result. Regardless, he is very satisfied with the victory, which will certainly give him even more interest in training and defending his belt.

“I thought the scores should have been a little closer,” he said. “Overall, I am very disappointed in my performance. I felt that I could have done a lot better. By far, this is the worst performance of my title fights, even though I prepared to the fullest.

I am truly disappointed in my performance. “I felt like in the other world title fights I did better. I felt like I got hit less. I did feel like I landed some good shots, but I feel like I’ve could have done a lot better”.

as quoted by BoxingJunkie.