Logan Paul responds to Dillon Danis' request to extend the rounds

Logan Paul claims Dillon Danis 'ghosted' his team when asked to officially extend the rounds.

by Aryan Lakhani
Logan Paul responds to Dillon Danis' request to extend the rounds
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Logan Paul vs Dillon Danis is originally scheduled for 6 rounds, but Danis' wanted the match against Logan Paul to be a 12 rounder. The fight between the two promises to be highly entertaining, owing to the intense twitter war initiated by Dillon Danis.

In response to Danis' request to extend the rounds, Logan Paul made an attempt to move it from 6 to 8 rounds, but apparently, Danis has not responded to materialize the change. Here's what Dillon Danis tweeted a few weeks back: "I want 12 rounds," Danis tweeted.

"And why the **** did you beg for only six rounds Logan Paul? I could do that in my sleep... let's change it up - I've got the endurance to keep going all day, baby!". This will be Dillon Danis' boxing debut, and Logan Paul confirmed if Dillon shows up for the event, he will fight Dillon in MMA.

Both fighters shook hands on it; in almost one month's time, we will find out if Dillon Danis shows up or not.

Logan Paul responds

Logan Paul has fought Floyd Mayweather for 8 rounds, so there seems to be no reason for him to be lying about not extending the rounds with Dillon Danis.

"I heard the opposite," Paul said, as quoted by marca.com. "He has absolutely no cardio and I saw this tweet and put it to the test. "I made sure to text his manager and ask for eight rounds, they ghosted us. I tried so hard - he's a liar and a *****." Dillon Danis is very confident of a win; he is already winning the trash-talking war by promoting this event and making it even more exciting.

The next press conference will be organised in the coming weeks, and fans who love the spice will definitely tune in to see the havoc created by all fighters.

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