Frank Warren: We shouldn’t underestimate Francis Ngannou

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Frank Warren: We shouldn’t underestimate Francis Ngannou
Frank Warren: We shouldn’t underestimate Francis Ngannou © James Chance / Getty Images Sport

The match between Francis Ngannou and Tyson Fury is what we are looking forward to and hope for a real spectacle. It will be the debut for the Cameroonian in boxing and a great opportunity to silence the critics who have been underestimating him for several months and believe that he has no chance in this match.

Frank Warren, the promoter, spoke in his column about your great match as well as about the actors in it. Warren had nothing but praise for Fury and his career achievements. "There is no doubt in my mind that Tyson is now, quite probably, the most recognizable and popular sportsman on the planet.

He has transcended boxing and, personality-wise, you have to bracket him with Muhammad Ali. His extracurricular activities only serve to increase his popularity and recognition. His Netflix series has attracted the highest ever ratings in the UK and his three books quickly fell into the best-seller category."- he wrote.

Frank Warren on Francis Ngannou's chances

Although many underestimate Francis Ngannou, Warren believes that early predictions should not be made. Ngannou is known as a great fighter, and he has shown that many times in the UFC.

Although everyone is aware that UFC and boxing are two different stories, it must be admitted that there are still some links that could be very important for Ngannou. Despite everything, Warren does not expect Ngannou to be able to beat Fury.

"I just believe we shouldn’t underestimate Francis Ngannou – and seeing him in person has only reinforced this view. He will come to fight and I shouldn’t imagine for a minute that he will be an easy knockover job.

He is robust, battle-hardened and powerful. And, according to our man Joe Joyce, he is not a bad boxer. However, in no way do I expect him to try and outbox Tyson. Francis will come with the express aim of landing the heavy artillery and, should it get over-physical in there, we need a strong referee on the night."

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