Nate Diaz slams Jake Paul’s offer to fight in MMA for $10 million

Nate Diaz is not willing to fight Jake Paul in the PFL.

by Aryan Lakhani
Nate Diaz slams Jake Paul’s offer to fight in MMA for $10 million
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Nate Diaz recently lost against Jake Paul in his boxing debut. It was not a shameful loss; Nate Diaz did a great job of remaining firm throughout the 10 rounds. Jake Paul offered Nate Diaz to have a rematch in MMA and offered Nate $10 million dollars to fight in PFL.

Nate does not seem to be interested in entertaining such an offer; he tweeted the following in response to the proposed PFL fight:

Jake Paul vs Nate Diaz in MMA would undeniably turn out to be an entertaining spectacle, but since Nate Diaz refused to fight in the PFL, it would be fair to expect the rematch to take place under a different company.

Jake Paul on Nate Diaz

In a recent interview with TMZ Sports, Jake Paul shed some light on having a rematch with Nate Diaz and explains why he thinks Nate turned it down. “We’re at the drawing board right now.

Nate Diaz ducked the $10 million offer, so he’s not the badass that everyone said he was,” Paul said as quoted by “I wanted to fight him in MMA and do something that no boxer has really ever done, which is, in the prime of their career, go over to MMA.

MMA fighters have gone over to boxing, but I want to go over to MMA and Nate Diaz ducked the offer. With those guys, I don’t know if they have reason, I don’t even know if they think. There wasn’t a transparent reason.

Paul further said: I think it was just something that he realized there’s a lot of risk for him. If I beat him in MMA — which I just dog-walked him in the boxing ring, made it look easy, and if I beat him in MMA, I take his legendary status.

So I don’t know if he was like, maybe the risk of this isn’t good enough for the $10 million”.

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