Tyson Fury says he would beat Francis Ngannou in a cage according to mma rules

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Tyson Fury says he would beat Francis Ngannou in a cage according to mma rules
Tyson Fury says he would beat Francis Ngannou in a cage according to mma rules © Warren Little / Getty Images

Tyson Fury said that he is a level above his next opponent, Francis Ngannou, with whom he will fight Oct. 28 in Saudi Arabia. Fury added that he is the better fighter by any rules if they were to fight. It doesn't matter if the boxing ring or the mma octagon is convinced that he would beat him, and offered him regardless of the outcome of their upcoming match to fight in the cage.

Tyson Fury is very confident ahead of the upcoming match against former UFC champion Francis Ngannou

“I think I can beat you in the cage,” Fury told Ngannou directly during their kickoff news conference on Thursday.

“I would kick your ass in the cage, no problem, 100 percent, 100 percent. I’ll personally beat you in the boxing ring and kick your ass in the cage. One hundred percent, I’ll beat you at boxing, and then I’ll beat you in the cage, no problem.

… I’ll best him at boxing and then beat him in a cagefight, no two ways about it”. as quoted by MMAJunkie. At the press conference, Fury talked about many things, among other things, he explained to journalists and the audience why he thinks he is a better fighter than the French.

"I’d like to fight Ngannou in the cage,” Fury said. “I think I can beat him, for sure. He’s not a good jiu-jitsu man. He’s not a good wrestler. He’s known for his striking, and I’m a better striker than him, and with the little gloves I would knock him out in seconds”.

Fury later added, “I don’t think he can take me to the floor. I just don’t. I seriously don’t think he can beat me in an MMA fight. Honestly, I don’t. I think I catch him on the way with an uppercut and just use my takedown defense, push him down, ‘bang, bang, bang,’ grab him, knee, elbow, game over. I’d smash him to pieces”.

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