Tyson Fury: I thought Oleksandr Usyk was a warrior, but he's just a little wussy

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Tyson Fury: I thought Oleksandr Usyk was a warrior, but he's just a little wussy
Tyson Fury: I thought Oleksandr Usyk was a warrior, but he's just a little wussy © Gabriel Kuchta / Getty Images Sport

The recent fight between Oleksandr Usyk and Daniel Dubois caused a lot of reactions and controversy. The Ukrainian managed to win vs. Dubois with a knockout in the 9th round. However, chaos has now been created regarding the fourth round and the moment when Dubois sent Usyk to the floor with a body shot.

The judges characterized it as a low blow. Many disagreed with the referee's decision and emphasized that everything was legal. One of those who thinks that the referee made a mistake is the potential opponent of Usyk; The great Tyson Fury.

The Briton didn't mince his words to downplay Usyk's victory. "I thought he lost [to Dubois] and he quit so he's a little, quitting [coward]," Fury said to Sky Sports, as quoted by boxingscene.com!
"And once you quit once you'lll always quit, just like we saw with Dubois.

He quit too, so that was two quitters fighting each other. It's tough to say somebody's quit but Usyk quit with a body shot and rattled around the floor like a little [coward] for five minutes and the other one quit with a jab.

But the truth is the truth and that's it."

Tyson Fury: I thought Usyk was a warrior

Fury obviously wants to provoke his potential future opponent. Tyson is known as someone who knows how to provoke an opponent and cause a reaction from him.

Precisely because of this, many hope that an agreement could be reached between Fury and Usyk. "I thought [Usyk] was a warrior, I thought he was a true little fighting man. But he's clearly not, he's just a little wussy. I've been hit full-on, right [below the belt] with the hardest punches you've ever seen, I didn't roll around like that.

It is what it is, you're a fighting man or you're not and if you quit once, you will always quit again. My father told me that when I was a child. If you spew it once you'll always spew it and that's the facts of the matter. End of."

Tyson Fury Oleksandr Usyk

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