Tyson Fury: If Usyk is a good boy and accepts less money, I'll fight him

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Tyson Fury: If Usyk is a good boy and accepts less money, I'll fight him
Tyson Fury: If Usyk is a good boy and accepts less money, I'll fight him © Justin Setterfield / Getty Images Sport

Boxing fans are impatient and want to watch the match between Tyson Fury and Oleksandr Usyk as soon as possible. However, that will not happen anytime soon. It seems that Tyson Fury wants to 'take the biggest part of the pie', and Usyk does not want to give up his demands.

In such conditions, when both sides are stubborn, it is difficult to reach a solution. In a recent interview with Sky Sports, Tyson Fury confirmed that he is interested in a fight with the Ukrainian. On the other hand, Fury believes that Usyk must reduce his demands if he wants to be in the ring with him.

"If Usyk is a good little boy, he might be an option but if he isn't, he will just be another foreign middleweight that stays out in the cold," Fury told Sky Sports, quoted per boxingscene.com!

Tyson Fury: I will knock him out

Tyson believes that he will have no problems against Usyk and that he will win the match by knockout.

"I will beat him, and I won't even look for a body shot either. I will knock him out with a chin shot if that fight ever happens. If he is a good little boy and takes a small percentage of the superstar's money then he will get a fight.

If he wants big bucks. If he wants a seat at the king's table then you've got to play ball with the master." 'Gypsy King' emphasized that Usyk can earn the most in a fight with him. If he wants to fight Hrgovic or someone else, he won't get a lot of money.

"He can go and fight someone else for [hardly anything] again like he did against Dubois. If he fights Hrgovic, he will get [hardly anything] also and if he fights [Zhilei] Zhang he will get even less," Fury said.

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