Lennox revealed details about Tyson and their press conference

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Lennox revealed details about Tyson and their press conference

The third round of the second match between Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield is one of the most famous moments in the history of professional boxing. Of course, that 1997 match was known for Tyson's dirty move, when he bit off his opponent's ear due to frustration.

But Holyfield may be the only boxer Iron Mike has bitten in the ring, but he’s by no means the only one where Tyson’s teeth ended up. The other is Lennox Lewis, and the incident happened in January 2002, at a press conference to arrange their match.

Tyson has already admitted what he did once before, and it has been written about in his biography. Now Lewis has also told his story in the documentary ‘Lennox: The Untold Story’. What was the situation before the meeting, was originally told by Lewis' friend Courtney Shand.

Tensions between Tyson and Lennox

Mike Tyson then did something that doesn't surprise anyone at all. Tyson is known as temperamental and as someone who has poor control over emotions. So it was this time as well "Just moments before we went to the press conference, the tensions were huge.

And I remember coming to New York the night before. Lennox told me that if Mike headed for him, I could forget all the money we needed to get "He will not restrain himself. He said he has no intention of withdrawing if he is attacked," Shand said.

What happened has already entered the legend, that is, the mess that arose when they got too close to each other. From the recording itself, which can still be found today, not much can be seen. That's why Lennox told in a documentary what happened.

Namely, Tyson bit him on the leg. "At one point I saw him take off his hat, throw it on the floor and move towards me. Boom, I was automatically ready for anything. The first three blows were mine and the first bite was his," Lewis said.

Tyson was eventually fined £ 260,000 and the match in Memphis went smoothly five months later. Lewis celebrated with a knockout in the eighth round, and sales of nearly two million transmissions were achieved, which alone led to a total of $ 106.9 million.

Each of the boxers received a fee of 17 and a half million dollars. Mike Tyson is known for such moves so this Lenox story is no surprise.