Terence Crawford: I feel that I am equally great in both stances.

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Terence Crawford: I feel that I am equally great in both stances.
Terence Crawford: I feel that I am equally great in both stances. © Al Bello / Getty Images

Terence Crawford told how he decided to fight Errol Spence Jr. What he expected and how it all went. “I made the change to fight southpaw in the back dressing room. I was like, ‘How should I come out?’” Crawford said to Joe Rogan (h/t BoxingScene).

“I just had that chip on my shoulder to go head-on with the bull and just go fight him. I was like just box. And then I was remembering he hadn’t fought too many southpaws before. And then on one of the occasions, he got hurt really badly by a hook.

I was like, ‘I’m coming out southpaw and we’re going to box’ just to start off." “But at the same time, I’m going to get my respect out of the gate. I’m not going to be doing all of that moving.

The plan was never to move … He ain’t no terminator. I was going to be right there in front of him like I always do. I was going to make him miss and make him pay and I fought my fight. I feel like that was the key to the victory because he wasn’t used to fighting southpaws,” Crawford added.

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Terence Crawford entered the ring full of self-confidence and confronted Errol Spence Jr. The fight was very interesting and Terence Crawford emerged victorious in the seventh round.

All boxing analysts agreed that Crawford dominated the match and beat Errol Spence Jr. . “I think it’s depending on the opponent [if I feel comfortable and better fighting orthodox vs. southpaw]. I feel that I am equally great in both stances.

I’m very powerful from both stances. I hit just as hard with my left – probably even harder with my left – than my right,” said Crawford. “I look at it like you can go nowhere – you’re trapped.

You move to your left, I can cut you off and go southpaw. You go to your right, I can cut you off and go orthodox. In the end, it’s great that I can pack a punch in both hands as well. A lot of people, when they switch, give up something.

When I switch I gain something in both stances that I probably don’t have in the other stance. It’s great for me”. as quoted by BoxingDaily.

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