Carl Froch shares his prediction for KSI vs Tommy Fury


Carl Froch shares his prediction for KSI vs Tommy Fury
Carl Froch shares his prediction for KSI vs Tommy Fury © Paul Harding/Getty Images

The former professional boxer Carl Froch has his say on the upcoming fight between KSI and Tommy Fury. Froch seems to be in favor of Tommy Fury but does not rule out KSI’s chances of winning the match. KSI is an explosive fighter; he may have not competed against the best opponents, but it is worth knowing that KSI’s aggressiveness has been difficult for many to take, which is why it would be unfair to say KSI has no chance.

Tommy Fury barely won against Jake Paul, and his performance did not seem to be a threat of any kind. This could be Tommy Fury’s toughest test. It will be fascinating to see if KSI is successful in snatching everything away from the undefeated Tommy Fury.

Carl Froch thinks Tommy will secure a comprehensive win against KSI, and we will soon find out if that turns out to be the case.

Carl Froch on KSI vs Tommy Fury

Carl Froch spoke about KSI vs Tommy Fury on his YouTube channel.

Froch shares a brief prediction of how the match could turn out to be. “KSI can have a go,” Froch said as quoted by “He can fight a bit, throw punches and stand up straight, they’re white-collar fighters.

I just think Tommy Fury will beat up KSI and beat him quite convincingly on points unless he catches him and irons him out”. Froch further said: “If he doesn’t win I don’t care. I’d like Tommy Fury to win.

It’s not great for boxing if he loses. He’s a novice pro so it’s not so bad if you get beat if you’re earning mega money, but it’s all a load of rubbish. It’s a load of ****, but it’s entertaining”.

If KSI loses against Tommy Fury, he is bound to fight against Jake Paul. This could be Tommy Fury’s last YouTube boxing match.

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