Mike Tyson ready for Roy Jones Jr!

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Mike Tyson ready for Roy Jones Jr!

Mike Tyson is ready to fight back. After the boxer's latest shocking statements, he said that to pass the doping tests he used a fake penis with his son's urine inside, after the controversial statements about when he asked a zookeeper to fight him against a gorilla, now it's time for competition.

In fact Mike Tyson will return to the ring on November 28th, to face Roy Jones Jr. in one of the most anticipated of the season. The American retired in 2005 and there has been much talk of his new possible meeting. The time has come, in full health emergency, in a Staples Center in Los Angeles behind closed doors.

Two former World Heavyweight Champions will meet: Mike Tyson is 54, Roy Jones Jr. is 51 and he was the only man in history capable of completing the world championship climb from superwelter to the premier category. The boxing world is well aware that a match of this caliber could further relaunch the sport on a global level, given the media caliber of the two challengers.

Mike Tyson ready for Roy Jones Jr!

There will be no world belts up for grabs, but the WBC has decided to award a green belt called the Frontline Battle Belt. It will be an exhibition match, but neither of the two challengers will want to lose.

However, there are many limitations: 8 rounds of 2 minutes each, the two boxers will not be able to bring violent blows the referee will be obliged to stop the match in case of even superficial injuries. Mike Tyson talked about the event: "It will not be a real match? I will go to the ring to fight and I hope he will do the same: this is the only thing I know.

Age doesn't matter. I dropped below 215 pounds (97.5 kg, ed) for the first time since I was 18. I am ready, I feel fit and I want the world to see how big I am. The 2005 boxer he lost to McBride no longer exists, he's a ghost to me now.

At the time I was afraid of getting into the ring, I was fighting only for money, I had drug problems." Roy Jones Jr. said: "Let me understand: someone climbs up there against a legend, with 12 ounce gloves and no helmet and should he consider it a performance? Come on guys, be serious.

Mike and I are not humans, we are monsters. That's why we will give you a great show. The kids ask me if I've ever fought Tyson. Here, now I can say yes."