Francis Ngannou's coach believes he will continue MMA after the Fury match

Francis Ngannou loves MMA and will most likely continue his journey as an MMA fighter after the Fury match.

by Aryan Lakhani
Francis Ngannou's coach believes he will continue MMA after the Fury match
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Francis Ngannou may have left the UFC, but he hasn't left MMA; after showing up for the biggest fight of his career on 28th October, Francis Ngannou will fight in the Professional Fighters League. Ngannou will make his PFL debut next year.

Ngannou's coach, Erick Nicksick, firmly believes that Ngannou still has significant feats to accomplish, and after fighting Tyson Fury, he will dive back into the world of MMA. However, it is worth considering the other side of the scenario where Francis Ngannou could beat Tyson Fury with his explosive power.

What could a win against the greatest heavyweight boxer lead to? More boxing matches, perhaps. A win could definitely drive Ngannou to compete against other boxers. For now, one thing is certain, and that is Ngannou's return to MMA.

Erick Nicksick on Francis Ngannou

Francis Ngannou's head coach Erick Nicksick recently, in an interview with MMA Fighting, said the following about Ngannou and his return to MMA. "I guess we'll cross that bridge when it comes," Nicksick said, as quoted by

"[Financially] he can lose to Tyson Fury and never have to fight again. Who knows." "I'm hoping that he wins this fight and I feel he has so much more to accomplish in MMA, just from what he's been building with his skill set, As long as he's enjoying it and he's having fun, I think he'll come back.

We made it fun for him, When we first started talking about the wrestling element, you think about your deficiencies and that takes a tax on your mental state. Our mindset was to make it fun for him and make it offensive, and especially when it comes to wrestling, if you're working on offensive wrestling, inherently you're going to work on defensive wrestling".

Nicksick further explained: "What we had to do was flip the script and make it more fun for him. So when he's taking guys down and beating guys up, you can see that he had a new tool. It made it a lot more fun".

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