Dillon Danis reacts to Mike Perry and Logan Paul’s face off


Dillon Danis reacts to Mike Perry and Logan Paul’s face off
Dillon Danis reacts to Mike Perry and Logan Paul’s face off © Full Send Podcast/YouTube

Dillon Danis made it to the press conference last week in spite of people questioning his arrival due to his previous pullout. It bothers Danis that he couldn’t have a face-off with his opponent, Logan Paul; what bothered him even more was seeing Logan Paul facing off against the backup opponent, Mike Perry.

John Fury caused a lot of chaos in the press conference, due to which all fighters had to be separated for a while and during that phase, Dillon Danis was apparently held back and not allowed to get back to the stage.There will be one more press conference before the fight day, and it will be fascinating to see how Logan Paul and Dillon Danis interact with each other.

Dillon Danis on Logan Paul’s face off

In a recent interview with MisFits Boxing, Dillon Danis shared his thoughts on Mike Perry and Logan Paul facing off and then predicted the outcome of his match with Logan Paul.

“It bothers me,” Danis said, as quoted by mmafighting.com. “It bothers me that he posted that picture. It just makes me wanna — not make me not want to show up, but it just pisses me off to the point where it’s like, ‘**** you.’ “It’s just like, why are you trying to divert and not promote our fight? That I’m here in London, I’m here doing all this press, I’m building this fight up, and he’s just trying to — I feel like because I’m in such in his head and I’m roasting him so hard, he tries to deflect everything.

He never directs at me, too. It’s either at Conor [McGregor] or somewhere else. It’s really weird. Danis predicts the outcome of the match: He never wants to kind of engage with me. It’s really stupid.I think a knockout, a knockout or his corner throws in the towel, it’s such a bad beating.

Either one, I don’t mind, just beating his ass. I can’t wait to punch him in the face. I wanted to hit him so bad today".

Dillon Danis Logan Paul

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