Usyk’s reacts to Daniel Dubois punch: “How can it be legal when it’s illegal?”

Usyk's promoter shares his thoughts on the 5th round punch landed by Daniel Dubois.

by Aryan Lakhani
Usyk’s reacts to Daniel Dubois punch: “How can it be legal when it’s illegal?”
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The recent heavyweight clash between Oleksandr Usyk and Daniel Dubois was difficult for many to comprehend because some believe Daniel Dubois’s 5th round punch was legal, and some are totally against this theory. Oleksandr Usyk’s manager took the time to explain what really happened; Alex Krassyuk believes it was illegal.

If the referee didn’t step in, Daniel Dubois would have won the match there and there. As Usyk healed, he got his grip back and dominated the rounds. It was in the 9th round when Dubois had enough, and one heavy punch from Usyk did the job to make Daniel Dubois quit.

Usyk will now wait for Tyson Fury to accept his offer, and if a deal is finalised without any unnecessary roadblocks, we could expect the mega event to take place in either December or the early phase of 2024.

Alex Krassyuk talks about the controversial punch

Recently, in an interview with Fight Hub TV, Usyk’s promoter shared his thoughts on the low punch landed by Daniel Dubois in round 5.

“How can it be legal when it’s illegal? I mean when you punch someone with your knee, is it legal? No, it’s not," Krassyuk said as quoted by "If you hit him below the belt, is it legal? No, it’s not.

It happens all the time in boxing, but when it’s done intentionally, you know what the referee has to do? Take off two points for that”. “Just imagine for one moment if Dubois was declared the winner for hitting someone below the belt.

Krassyuk further said: Is that okay? No. Would people respect it? No. Would it bring any benefit to the sport? Definitely no”. “I would be surprised if he said like, ‘Oh yeah, that was absolutely a illegal blow.’ He’s the trainer of the fighter he’s working with for the first time.

With all respect, it’s better to appeal to common reason”.

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