Eddie Hearn believes that Fury-Ngannou cannot be as attractive as McGregor-Mayweather

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Eddie Hearn believes that Fury-Ngannou cannot be as attractive as McGregor-Mayweather
Eddie Hearn believes that Fury-Ngannou cannot be as attractive as McGregor-Mayweather © Francois Nel/Getty Images Sport

Francis Ngannou has encouraged many times that he wants a fight with Tyson Fury. Although we don't have to say much about 'Gypsy King', Ngannou believes he has a chance in this match. Ngannou decided to leave the UFC and build his career in a completely different way.

Promoter Eddie Hearn revealed the details of the conversation with Ngannou in a recent interview. Hearn did not expect that Francis would immediately head for such a big challenge. According to everything, Eddie does not give this former UFC fighter much of a chance.

“When I spoke to [Ngannou], I actually thought maybe he should take a couple of easier fights and build his credibility to that mega-fight. But he made it quite clear he just wanted to straight into the big fight. I think the reason for that, in all honesty — I said this to Nate Diaz’s manager as well.

I said that [Nate] should do the same thing. But the problem is, they’re not very good. And if you do that and get exposed as having no chance, so the mystery of, ‘Can he? Can he punch hard?’ [is gone],” Hearn told MMA Fighting, as quoted by boxingscene.com

Eddie Hean compares Mayweather-McGregor to Ngannou-Fury

Judging by the statements of this popular promoter, the Mayweather-McGregor fight is much more popular than the current one between Ngannou-Fury.

Hearn believes that money is the main motive in the whole story. “When you actually see the fight, you’re going to realize very quickly as we did with Floyd and Conor, they can’t win. And that was a lot more competitive than this is going to be.

Yes, one-punch knockout power and stuff like that, but it’s boxing vs. MMA. It’s absolutely irrelevant," Hearn said. “[Ngannou has] done 100 percent the right thing. He’s got the max as quickly as possible, without anybody having to see it.

Because he could go in a small fight for less money and you go, ‘You actually can’t put this guy in the ring with Tyson. It’s actually a huge mismatch. So the mystery of ‘Is it a mismatch? Does he punch as hard as everyone says? Oh he was once a boxer!’.

makes you tune in. So I think he’s played a blinder. Good luck to him. What a lovely guy, going to make a lot of money, good luck to him”.

Eddie Hearn Ngannou

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