Canelo looks forward to fighting for 4-5 more years

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Canelo looks forward to fighting for 4-5 more years
Canelo looks forward to fighting for 4-5 more years

Canelo started his professional career in 2005 when he was just 15 years old; He is now 33, and after competing for this long, he believes he still has 4-5 years left in the tank. Canelo will be fighting against Jermell Charlo next month, and if he secures a win, he could then have a rematch with Dmitry Bivol in the starting phase of 2024.

Naysayers had a lot of negative to point out for Canelo's last match against John Ryder. People were expecting Canelo to finish Ryder before the end of all rounds, but Ryder displayed grit and toughness that captured the heart of many spectators.

Canelo has gained back the winning momentum after suffering his second career defeat against Bivol. Canelo has accomplished substantial success in his career so far; fighting for a few more years will allow him to express the limitless potential he has and can be a part of a few more historic matches.

Canelo on his retirement

Recently in an interview with Breakfast Club, Canelo spoke about his retirement and revealed when he wants to wave boxing a goodbye. "I think I at least have four more years in me, maybe five. I've been a professional boxer since I was 15 years of age," Canelo said, as quoted by

"That is almost 18 years fighting professionally. I always said I would retire when I was 36 or 37, around that age. That should be more than enough, it's so many years boxing. By then, I will have accomplished many things and then I will have to enjoy life with the family and all".

With Canelo's fighting frequency, we can expect him to show up 2-3 times every year, which means he has around 10-15 fights left before he announces retirement from the sport of boxing.