Devin Haney reveals the date for his possible return


Devin Haney reveals the date for his possible return
Devin Haney reveals the date for his possible return

Devin Haney had been going back and forth with many fighters, but out of all the fighters he approached, a match with Regis Prograis seemed to be the one crystallizing into a done deal. Nothing has been officially announced yet; however, both teams are in the negotiation stage, and if a fight between the two happens, it will most likely happen in October.

Haney firmly believes that Regis Prograis is the best boxer in the 140 lb division and looks forward to fighting him and rising victoriously. Prograis recently fought against Danielito Zorilla and secured a split decision win that allowed Prograis to retain his WBC super lightweight belt.

Since the ongoing discussions have already taken a healthy start, we can expect official updates in the upcoming days.

Devin Haney on fighting Regis Prograis

In a recent interview, Devin Haney shared his thoughts on fighting Regis Prograis and revealed the date it was first aimed for.

“Obviously, right now, we’re pursuing the WBC in the 140-lb division, but I still have my spot at 135, and maybe we go back down after and see,” Haney said, as quoted by “That fight [Tyson Fury vs.

Francis Ngannou] wasn’t announced yet, and I don’t think Regis even had a date [October 28th]. When I told him, he didn’t know what I was talking about, but that was the actual date that we were supposed to fight.

Now Eddie [Hearn] came out and said it now. We’re trying to iron out some things in the contract, and hopefully, we can make the fight happen. I think that was if I’m going to go back down. We’re talking one fight at a time.

Haney further said: “We’re going to pursue the 140-pound division. If I’m victorious, we’ll see what happens”. Devin Haney was heavily criticized for his last performance against Vasiliy Lomachenko; his performance in the next match will play a huge role in gaining the respect back from fans worldwide.

Devin Haney

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