Frank Warren on Joshua vs Wilder: I don't think they will make it

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Frank Warren on Joshua vs Wilder: I don't think they will make it
Frank Warren on Joshua vs Wilder: I don't think they will make it

The promoter Frank Warren thinks that the proposed fight between Anthony Joshua and Deontay Wilder won't go as planned due to the circumstances. Warren, on the other hand, isn't particularly worried about it, nor does he want to spend his time thinking about it.

He is aware that money could be a big problem in the whole story. Both boxers have individual demands. The question is how realistic their demands are, and whether they can be fulfilled at this moment. "I don't know, and I've got to be honest.

I don't particularly care," Warren told IFL TV, as quoted by "It doesn't bother me that much. You asked me last time we spoke what I thought about the [Joshua vs. Wilder] fight, and I gave you my views. If they make it, they make it.

I don't think they will make it. I don't think they make it and get the money they think they're going to get; I really don't. They were talking about making another fight for AJ in between, and I think they're going to have a problem with that because I think the public will be expecting more.


Frank Warren on the fight

Warren seems sure that such a fight will never happen. He emphasized that he had already said the same thing many times. "That fight wasn't going to happen in December, and we all know that. If you go check all the interviews that when you asked me about this, I've not changed.

What I've said is what will happen. I said he [Joshua] won't fight in December. He won't be fighting Deontay in December, and I'm right, and he's not fighting Deontay in December. So he may as well have taken that fight at that time." Time will tell if Frank is right. The Saudis will have to think carefully about what to do.


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